Maybe the evening started with a few drinks with friends and you didn’t think of the consequences later on, or perhaps one mistake or bad decision spiraled into a bad night. You probably didn’t begin your day expecting to end up in jail. Bail Boss Bail Bonds understands that life doesn’t always go as planned, which is why we work hard to help you get back home. When you choose the right team, a few bad choices don’t have to mean a night in jail. Keep reading to learn more, and call Bail Boss Bail Bonds today to get started.

What is a Bail Bond?

Bail is a way to convince the court that they can trust you to return for your court date. You pay the court bail – which is often a specific amount of money, but can be another form of collateral – and you will be released on your own recognizance. If you don’t appear for your trial, the money, property, or other form of bail is then forfeited, and you will face more severe consequences.

If you or someone you care about is arrested, choosing the right bail bond agency is essential to a seamless process and a timely release.

Find a Bail Bondsman You Trust

There are more than a few bail bond agencies out there that care more about the money than their clients. With a little research and good sense, you can avoid the wrong people and find the right team. At Bail Boss Bail Bonds, we care about helping you through the process and getting real results. Here are a few promises we’ll make when you hire us:

  • You’ll work with a professional, not a trainee
  • Our services will be completely confidential
  • You’ll be able to reach us 24/7
  • We’ll give you honest, straightforward answers to your questions

Most importantly, we keep our promises. Our team was rated Raleigh’s Top Rated Local® bail bond agency for a reason. We have almost 30 years of experience helping people throughout North Carolina get home to their families and get their lives back on track, and we’re proud of the work we’ve done.

Arrested? Call Bail Boss

Get the help you need, when you need it. Contact Bail Boss Bail Bonds immediately if you or someone you love has been arrested and we may be able to secure their release within just a few hours. Explore our FAQ page to learn more about bail bonds and our business, and call or text us today to begin the process.