Being arrested can feel like the end of the world. With the right help, however, you can be back home within hours. Bail bonds are a way to help you or someone you care about get out of jail, and Bail Boss Bail Bonds is here to help you get home and get back to your life. It’s not the end of the process, but it will save you stress and discomfort and help you maintain a sense of dignity.

Were You or a Loved One Arrested?

Call or text Bail Boss Bail Bonds for 24-hour service. After an arrest, you will be booked into the local Wake County jail and the amount of bail will be set. The speed of this process and the amount of bail will depend upon the crime, but once bail has been determined, a bail bond agent will arrive and begin the release process. Bail bonds can be complex, but the experts here at Bail Boss Bail Bonds will take care of everything, from contacting the jail and learning about the charges to preparing all the release paperwork. Once the arrested person is set free on their own recognizance, Bail Boss Bail Bonds will be there with a confirmed court date to help you move forward.

Get Help from the Professionals

Bail Boss Bail Bonds has nearly 30 years of experience, and we are dedicated to helping the people of Wake County get out of jail and get back on track. We will work to expedite the process as much as we can, we will honestly answer any questions you have, and we will be with you while you wait for the arrested person to be released. No other bail bond agency can offer you the same level of confidentiality, trust, and support.

Choose Bail Boss Bail Bonds

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