We all make mistakes. Whether a series of bad choices has led to unfortunate consequences, or you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, getting arrested can be a frightening experience. However, the arrest of you or someone you care about is by no means the end of the process, and many are unfamiliar with what happens next. Bail Boss Bail Bonds is here to help. We’ll guide you through the process step-by-step and help you or your loved one get out of jail and back home faster. In today’s blog, we’re offering a broad overview of what happens from the time you’re arrested to when you’re released and beyond. Read on to learn more, and if you or a friend find yourselves in trouble, you can contact Bail Boss Bail Bonds 24/7. Call or text us now to get started!

1. The Arrest

The circumstances of every defendant is different, but the story begins when you or someone you know is arrested under suspicion that you committed a crime. In some cases, you may be released without charges, and our story ends there. In other cases, you are charged with a crime and “booked” into a criminal processing facility, often the county jail. You likely won’t be released until the court has confidence that you will reappear for your trial, which is when bail comes into play.

2. Bail is Set

Bail is the incentive to make sure you return for your court hearings. It’s a specific monetary amount that is determined by a judge, but in most states there is guidance on what bail should be. For common crimes, there is typically a set “schedule” of bail amounts for each charge.

Because bail is meant to be insurance that the defendant will reappear, the amount of bail should depend on the crime and the defendant’s circumstances. It will probably be a small amount if the crime you committed was minor, and/or you can show that you are unlikely or unable to run away. That’s why bail for very rich defendants or those who committed serious crimes is often very high. As a defendant, you can ask to get out of jail free, more commonly known as being released on your own recognizance. You can also request that the amount of bail is lowered if it is beyond your means to pay. It is up to the judge to make the final decision.

3. Bail is Paid

If you can afford the set bail amount…

You pay the price of bail to the court and you are released from jail, often with a few conditions, including “obey all laws.”

If you can’t afford the set bail amount…

There is an extra step or two you need to take if you or whoever has been arrested doesn’t have the money to pay the entire bail amount. A bail bond agency like Bail Boss Bail Bonds can help you cover the rest of bail, as long as you agree to a non-refundable fee or percentage of the bail and agree to offer collateral in case things go awry. Collateral can be a number of things with enough value to act as a stand-in for cash, such as property or jewelry. If you don’t have enough valuable collateral, friends and family members can help and act as co-signers on the agreement. Once your bail bondsman has posted bail on your behalf, you will be released with conditions.

4. What Happens Next?

The events that follow depend on one very important factor: the defendant appearing in court. If they don’t appear for their court date, then the bail money is considered forfeit. The court will require that the bail bondsman pays the remaining amount, and the bail bondsman in return will claim the defendant’s collateral to make that payment. The consequences get far more serious after this point.

However, if the defendant does return for their trial, then the bail bond is dissolved once the case is closed. The bail bondsman retains their fee, but all collateral is returned or released from the agreement. This is, clearly, the ideal situation.

Get Help When You Need It

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